27 Tips for Smarter Practicing, Smoother Auditions and Better Performance
Dear Oboe Player,

If you’re interested in learning how to practice smarter, play better auditions and prepare for performances, then keep reading…

I’ve been playing the oboe for almost 20 years. I’m a graduate of the Juilliard School Pre-College and the Eastman School of Music, and I’ve had a lot of wonderful experiences making music all over the world.

As a long-time private oboe instructor of all levels, I know the valuable lessons that oboists pay to learn. And after 8 years running MKL Reeds and trying to provide top-of-the-line education for oboists over the internet, I’ve learned even more.

In The Nitty Gritty Video Guide to Becoming a Better Oboist (it’s a video you watch online or download), I draw on all of my oboe “experiences” and review 27 tips (plus some extra stories) about what I think are three very important parts of oboe playing:

  1. Practicing… (smarter, not harder)
  2. Preparing for and Playing Auditions…
  3. Performing and Playing Recitals…

By the end of the video, you’ll hear 27 tips to help you get more out of your oboe playing. But you’ll get the tips without having to go through all of the years of “experience” that it took me to get them.

Plus, the video makes learning a whole lot more fun… Here’s a short preview sample:

You can view the entire 45 minute video online or download it to your computer. PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a DVD, nothing will be mailed to you. This is an ONLINE video.

And don’t worry…

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

Of course, your satisfaction is guaranteed. So if you watch “The Nitty Gritty Video Guide to Becoming a Better Oboe Player” and aren’t thrilled with what you learn, just contact us within 60 days for a no hassle, no hard feelings refund.

You can get your copy of The Nitty Gritty Video Guide to Becoming a Better Oboist for only $29 $14 by clicking on the button below.

Happy playing,

P.S. If I was covering these tips in a private oboe lesson (which might cost $50-$60), I’d probably only manage to get through a handful of them. Of course, I’d be able to go more in depth, but I’d still not get through very many. The video packs in 27 tips in 45 minutes. That’s a lot of learning in a very short time.

Here are Some Questions You Might
Have About The Nitty Gritty Video Guide
I haven’t purchased a downloadable video before, what do I need to play it?

After your order is processed, you’ll be directed to download a one page instruction sheet for accessing your video. Once you visit the password protected video page, you’ll be able to view the video immediately or download it (warning: the video file is pretty large).

How is this different from your Does Practice Make Perfect guide?

Some of the general tips and suggestions from the video are also covered in Does Practice Make Perfect. They both reinforce (in slightly different ways) the basics required to become a better musician The video, however, goes into more depth about performance preparation and auditions – two topics that aren’t really covered in depth in the practice guide.

Why is this guide in video form and not written?

Some people learn better when they read, some learn better when they see AND hear. Our goal is to help as many oboe players as possible… no matter HOW you learn.

What should I do if I have trouble playing the video?

Please contact us right away and we will walk you through it.