Do you offer “rush” service for reed orders?

Sorry. While one of our priorities is getting your reeds to you quickly, our number one priority is maintaining the quality of those reeds. No, rush shipping is not available.

What about soaking my reed?

Soaking is a very important part of bringing your reed to life. An unsoaked reed won’t make a sound while an oversoaked reed will be flatter than a pancake. Remember, reeds are “air-breathing” animals. Reeds at MKL Reeds don’t need very much soaking to play their best. The reeds are scraped well and too much water will actually clog the fibers of the reed, sort of “drowning” it. You will get the best stability, pitch, response and overall tone from your reed if you don’t “soak” AT ALL. We suggest a quick dip in water and then allowing the reed to sit outside of the water for a minute or two. Then, blow out the excess water, pop it in your oboe, and you’ll be ready with a great reed.

My reed is damaged, what can I do?

All of our reeds are GUARANTEED. If you receive your reed and it is not a good fit for you, please contact us and then return the reed within 7 days for a replacement or a refund.

What’s the difference between your types of reeds?

We try to make oboe reeds very simple. For that reason, we only sell one type of reed: reeds that work. Instead of confusing anyone with 5 different kinds or different levels of resistance, we simply offer reeds that play right out of the box. We sell reeds that work.