Picking any one of the oboe reeds in your reed box with 100% confidence that it will get the job done. You soak it, put it in your oboe, and can play any note from top to bottom with ease. Not to mention that your tone sounds smoother and more focused than ever before. If this sounds like something you haven’t experienced in a while, or ever, you need to play our oboe reeds.

It’s All About the Oboe Reed. (Almost…)

Let’s face it. Oboists need great reeds. The reasons are simple: A great oboe reed builds the foundation for good oboe playing – it prevents certain bad habits which can come from trying to compensate for a bad reed.

With a great reed, you can just sit down and play – you can spend your time focusing on what you want: like making music. You must have a great reed! So where do you get one…?

MKL Reeds Delivers

Whether you are a student or professional, our promise to you is the same: A stable and dependable oboe reed, flexible enough for anything from long tones to orchestral repertoire. A beautiful, full sound, in any register, that responds when you need it to.

  • Students – You get the freedom to concentrate on playing the oboe, not on playing the reed.
  • Professionals – You get the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have good reeds in your case.

Freedom and Peace of Mind… All From Your Oboe Reeds.

How can you be sure we know what we’re talking about…?

We’ve Walked in Your Shoes

You can probably relate to one or more of these things: playing in an orchestra, playing chamber music, teaching, being a student .

Well, we can relate to all of them because we have done each one. We know what works, and the type of reed you need to get the job done.

In addition, we’ve freelanced in some of the toughest music scenes in the country. A freelancer’s job is this: to sit down in a different chair, in a different setting, with a different group of people, day after day – and create a beautiful sound, on time, every time.

Whether it be the world’s finest symphony hall or a tiny church sanctuary, an oboe reed must deliver. MKL Reeds do just that.

Want Freedom and Peace of Mind?

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