Finest oboe reeds I have ever played. It has been a while since I played a reed so well in tune. Thank you, Thank you! Congratulations, you are now my new reed supplier.

Beaumont, TX

I played a concert on one of the oboe reeds the day they arrived. It is so comforting to know that I have some reeds in my box that I can count on when either my gouging machine or my reedmaking skills get wacky!

Forest Hills, NY

My last three reeds that you sent in December were PERFECT! I have gotten so many comments on how good I sound. I’m ordering more now so that I don’t have to treat the three I have like they’re made out of diamonds!

Midlothian, VA

I must say that the 10 pro oboe reeds I just received from MKL are AMAZING! I have never seen such consistency, tone, intonation, and projection. Absolutely fantastic!

Valdosta, GA