Originally recorded live, this is access to an online video of the presentation I created to help you get more music and life out of your oboe reeds. Here are just a few of the things I discuss:

  • How to improve the way your reed plays without even TOUCHING your reed!
  • The biggest thing that can make or break your reed. It’s really one of the biggest secrets to oboe playing. (If you get this right, it makes everything so much easier…)
  • Why you should treat your oboe reed like a person. (And it’s NOT just to be nice.)
  • The whole event is about 54 minutes long!!

The first half is more presentation style, and the second half is a bunch of questions and answers. Basically, it’s a mini reed class that you can watch online. You also get access to a downloadable outline of all of the important points covered during the event.

Get access for only $21. (That’s probably the world’s cheapest oboe lesson from someone who’s been playing a LONG time!)