Has all of the oboe playing finally made me crazy?

Don’t Even Think About Buying Another
Oboe Reed Until You Read This.

MKL Reeds has been sending out great reeds since 1999, after starting from a very small New York apartment. In those days, there wasn’t much spare room.

Of course there would have been more room, except the for the founder’s husband and two dogs (one was 40 POUNDS! – the dog, not the husband). All of them together made everything seem really small.

In all the years of MKL Reeds, there has always been a problem that comes up again and again.

Sometimes, especially with new customers, our reeds just don’t fit right with the player that orders them.

You see, a great reed for me is probably not a great reed for you. Give it to your oboe neighbor and he might think it is the best thing on oboe earth. Pass it down the line again and the next person might not be able to play it at all.

You won’t know if you like a reed until you play it.

When the rubber finally hits the road, it hardly matters if the reed is a great one, perfectly customized to your every desire, if it just plain doesn’t work well for you.

The thing is, you just can’t know that until you try them…

How can I make absolutely sure that the reeds you pay for are gonna work for you, even if it is your first order with MKL Reeds EVER?

Guaranteed Oboe ReedsTM.

Before we get to the details, here is what Guaranteed Oboe ReedsTM will mean for you:

  • Absolutely ZERO worries about whether or not you will be stuck with oboe reeds that aren’t right for you.
  • You WILL save money by knowing that your first order WILL work for you, even if it takes US a try or two to get it perfect.
  • No more shopping around for oboe reeds that please. Guaranteed Oboe ReedsTM GUARANTEES that you will be satisfied.
  • No more guessing like your life depends on it about what type of reeds to buy. If the first batch isn’t perfect for you, you aren’t left out in the cold
  • You are in complete control over your oboe reeds. We’re putting YOU in the driver’s seat.

Now let’s get down to business. This is the heart of Guaranteed Oboe ReedsTM: The Guarantee itself.

The Iron Clad, No Hassle, No Hard Feelings Guarantee Behind Guaranteed Oboe ReedsTMIf for any reason you don’t like or can’t use your oboe reeds, STOP what you are doing and run (don’t walk) to let us know. All we ask is that you get the message to us within 24 hours of receiving your reeds.

Pack up the reed(s), slap on some postage and send ’em back. Let us know if you want replacement reeds or your money back.

If you want replacements, we’ll send them out to you once we receive your returns.

I’m really putting my money where my mouth is for this because I am that dedicated to getting you the right oboe reeds.

You have absolutely nothing to lose because we are accepting all of the risk. If you don’t like your reeds, it’s not your problem.

So how much extra for all of this special treatment?

Nothing… Zippo… Zilch… Nada… the Big Goose Egg.

The Guarantee is FREE with each and every reed order you place at MKL Reeds.

So go order your oboe reeds now and stop worrying about what will happen when you open the box and stick them in your oboe.

You no longer have anything to fear.


Good luck!