The Oboe Reed Report Issue 97

The Reed Report from MKL Reeds
Issue 97
Copyright 2011 MKL

In this Issue:

-A Note from Maryn
-What’s New?
-Featured Oboe Video
-Oboe Thought of the Week
-The Oboe Tip

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A Note from Maryn

Friday 8:20 AM Sedona, AZ

What a week! 5 kids sick all at once. Wow. My patience
muscles got quite a workout, but I’m happy to report, we all
made it.

We’re dealing with a bunch of reed orders right now and are
doing our best to keep up. So if you’re waiting on reeds,
we’re working on it!

Got a neat special for you today so let’s go!

What’s New?

Get a 54 minute reed “lesson” for only $12!!

Be one of the first 60 oboists to order, and get access to
“7 Ways to Get More Music Out of Your Oboe Reeds (Online
Video Presentation)” for only $12!

That’s $9 OFF regular price…

It’s basically a reed lesson for $12!!

Originally recorded live, this is access to an online video
of the presentation I created to help you get more music and
life out of your oboe reeds. Here are just a few of the
things I discuss:

-How to improve the way your reed plays without even
TOUCHING your reed!
-The biggest thing that can make or break your reed. It’s
really one of the biggest secrets to oboe playing. (If you
get this right, it makes everything so much easier…)
-Why you should treat your oboe reed like a person. (And
it’s NOT just to be nice.)
-The whole event is about 54 minutes long!!
-The first half is more presentation style, and the second
half is a bunch of questions and answers. Basically, it’s a
mini reed class that you can watch online. You also get
access to a downloadable outline of all of the important
points covered during the event.

Use this coupon code at checkout to get your discount:

[REMOVED: Specials reserved for Reed Report Newsletter Subscribers ONLY. Subscribe Free Here.]

Remember, there are only 60 of these coupons available…
after they’re used, the price goes back to $21.

Featured Oboe Video

Here’s a beautiful performance of a beautiful Schumann
piece. Take a listen!

Oboe Thought of the Week

“Music is by far the most wonderful method we have to remind
us each day of the power of personal accomplishment.”

-Chris S. Salazar

The Oboe Tip

We’ve started a new project for the whole oboe community to
benefit from. It’s called, “The World’s Longest List of Oboe
Reed Tips.”

You can see the list here:

We’ve already gotten some great submissions from the oboe
community and would love you to submit a reed tip if you
have one.

Just imagine a young oboist in a reed “funk” coming upon
this list and using it to help brighten her spirits.

Oh, and be sure NOT to miss the great tip submitted by a
long time oboist about a super CHEAP REPLACEMENT for reed
thread…. Impossible? We thought so… but we were wrong 🙂
Thanks D.S. for the tip!

Thanks for reading. Until next time…

Happy playing,

Maryn Leister

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