The Oboe Reed Report Issue 99

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Issue 99
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In this Issue:

-A Note from Maryn
-What’s New?
-Featured Oboe Video
-Oboe Thought of the Week
-The Oboe Tip

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A Note from Maryn

Wednesday 10:14 AM Sedona, AZ

Before we get to the oboe stuff, I want to take a minute and show you a picture of a new addition to our family that’s coming in a few weeks.

He’s a miniature Australian Shepherd. His name is Basil.

Take a look:

I have a soft spot for cute and fuzzy little beings 🙂

What’s New?

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Featured Oboe Video

Today’s video has nothing to do with the oboe 🙂 But it is amazing. And it shows you just how much technology has opened up the possibilities for musicians to be creative and connect people in new and profound ways.

It’s a video featuring the “virtual” choir of Eric Whitacre. Eric is a very well known classical composer.

He had musicians submit individual vocal tracks of one of his compositions via Youtube, which he then edited together into one performance.

Watch this:

For the complete story, view Eric’s presentation at TED:

Oboe Thought of the Week

“To stop the flow of music would be like the stopping of time itself, incredible and inconceivable.”

-Aaron Copland

The Oboe Tip

Today’s tip comes from a reader submission:

“The ends of the piece of cane that get tied onto the tube: Do NOT ‘profile’ them, ie, thin them down so that you have a pretty tie. My teacher showed me this, and seriously, I have had far fewer problems with leaks and incorrect slippage.”

If you have a tip you’d like to share with the oboe community, please send it in.

We’ll post it on “The World’s Longest List of Oboe
Reed Tips” which you can see here:

Thanks for reading. Until next time…

Happy playing,

Maryn Leister

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