The Oboe Reed Report Issue 103

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The Reed Report

freedom and peace of mind… all from your oboe reeds

issue 103

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A Note from Maryn

Dear {!firstname_fix},

It’s been quite a while since we sent out a Reed Report, but the reed shop is back in action and we’ve pretty much climbed out of our backlog of orders. There are still a few orders left to fill, but the good news is that…

We’ve added ANOTHER new reedmaker to help us keep up and get you your reeds faster!

All I can say is, “Thank goodness!”

Also, we realized that our trusty shopping cart was NOT allowing some international orders to go through. We finally fixed the problem and now you should have no problem ordering reeds if you are outside of the US.

I hope you all had a great summer and are settled into your Fall routine. The weather FINALLY broke here in Sedona and today we had a beautiful cool day with RAIN.

Believe me, it’s long overdue!

OK, let’s jump in…

What’s New

Reeds Reeds Reeds!

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Featured Oboe Video

Bach’s Concerto per oboe e organo BWV 1069 (First Movement)

If you can’t see the video in this email, please view it directly on Youtube.

Today’s Music Quote

John Adams

"Music goes beyond words in its power to express human emotion. It is both the form and the content of human experience, being both exquisitely precise and richly ambiguous. For children, it constitutes the ultimate education and preparation for life.

The Oboe Tip

Simple Tips To Make Your Life Easier

AT ALL TIMES you should have at least 3 reeds in your reed case that you could play on and be okay with.

Dont delude yourself by keeping dead reeds hanging around for the false sense of security it provides. Cleaning out your reed case is vital to staying up to date on what reeds you have and, more often, what you dont have but thought you did.

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No Oboe Reeds Were Harmed During the Sending of The Reed Report

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