English horn, the Nutcracker and sore arms

We were driving to my grandmother’s house today for a holiday get-together when I chanced upon some production of the Nutcracker playing on the radio.

One of the amazing things about music is how certain pieces can bring back a flood of memories in an instant. The first thing I thought about when I heard the Nutcracker was how sore my arm was the last time I had to play English horn in a string of Nutcrackers a few years ago.

Sure the Nutcracker is nice, but if you’ve ever had the opportunity to play it once (sometimes twice) a day for two straight weeks, you know that it can get a little old… Anything would get old, right?

Looking back on the whole thing though, I realize that it wasn’t the music that was boring, it was just my approach that was boring…

Being bored doesn’t always have to do with what you are doing as much as it has to do with how you are doing it.

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